Hindus is a pantheistic religion. They acknowledge the presence of one God who is supreme and with no absolute form. The same religion is polytheistic meaning it has an array of gods and goddesses giving individuals an infinite number of ways to worship. The practice varies depending on family, community as well as region traditions.

Among the most popular god’s name recognized in all corners of the world is Krishna. He is a delightful god and full of pranks. Lord Krishna promise the human fraternity a manifestation of himself when he descends to the world making him a Supreme Being for hundreds of generation in Hindu history.

Radha fell in love with Krishna and their relationship became the embodiment of love and devotion. His passion for Krishna indicates the soul willingness to unify with God. On the other hand, Krishna remains a mystery raising the need to understand her Devine elements.

These Hindu statues mean a lot to the Hindu themselves who understand the inherent meaning of the gods. They are also a symbol of Hindu culture all over the world making them a subject of study to history and religion scholars not forgetting been a source of attraction. Those are just but some of the fundamental reasons why people make a purchase on the myriad types of Hindu statues.

The invention of internet played a significant role in availing this statue. The online platform has enabled Hindus as well as other interested parties to assess the Radha Krishna statues all over the world. It means one can make a purchase, and the statue will get delivered right to the doorsteps. Therefore, if you are planning to make a purchase of Radha Krishna Statue what are some of the things that you should consider before the acquisition?


Statues come in different sizes so as to suit different needs. Some pieces fit the smallest of accent with others large and oversize to rest on the floor. Depending on where you plan to place the statue, choose the matching size. Let the statue be the focal point of the home art sculptures.


The cost of statues spans depending on a variety of factors. The basic ones are size, the material of make which adds to longevity etc. Let your choice fall within the stipulated budget. Again, do not go for poor quality statues as they will disappoint. Statues are meant to last forever and passed down the generations if possible.


Considering we already know the type of statue this should not be difficult to choose. You might find a difference in statue if you look at different sellers but they all look the same generally.

However, if you are generally looking for a statue you should let it match with the need. As discussed earlier, Radha Krishna statue depicts something specific and so does other statues especially the religious ones. Do some research in prior.This will help avoid misinformation by the sellers.


Statues are stationary objects. However, they are subject to destruction if they get exposed to a harsh environment. Depending on the material of make, put the statue in a conducive environment. Generally, the statue should be placed on a stable ground, flat, away from heat and water contact. It also needs dusting once in a while.

As you choose where to place the statues, let it be near the ground, below an adult head, why? Statues are heavy hence a hazardous material in case of an earthquake.


Statues can be made from a variety of materials. They include bronze, glass, wire, metal, ceramic among others. The material of make translate to cost and durability.

Bronze are easy to mold and shape into different angles. Most of the bronze statues are small to sit on a shelf or large enough to rest on the floor.

Ceramic statues are delicate. They need to be displayed in a secure location. They also vary in terms of colour, texture and reflection.

Glass statues might be clear or coloured. They also tend to be fragile so secure them in a safe place.

Metal statues have durability and vary in size.

Wire statues have the same level of durability to metal and bronze pieces

There are other materials e.g. clay and gold. Gold statues are expensive so you have to be mindful of their security if you buy.


Be mindful of where you buy so as to ensure you get authentic statues and not duplicates of the art. You should also examine the curving to ensure that they are from quality designers. Check various online stores to get the average price and don’t forgetting on checking how fast it gets delivered upon ordering.

If you can assess the shop, the better. This is because you will be able to examine the sculpture first hand hence make an informed decision. If possible have someone with experience accompany you to the shop. Whether you buy the statue online or from a local store, the satisfaction is the same if you take your time with the shopping experience.

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